5 Proper Ways to Care Gold Plated Jewellery for Long Time

5 Proper Ways to Care Gold Plated Jewellery for Long Time

5 Proper Ways to Care Gold Plated Jewellery for Long Time

5 Proper Ways to Care Gold Plated Jewellery for Long Time

Every girl or women loves to wear and buy jewellery for different type of occasions or for regular use. But buying different designs in gold jewellery is not easily affordable for them, so their love for artificial gold plated jewellery increases. You can easily buy so many designs of gold plated jewellery from our website’s wide collection at very cheap rates and in good quality. But did you know you need to take care of your gold plated too? But how? Today we are going to share few suggestions about to take care of your gold jewellery.

Keeping It Away From Water and Sweat 

Water and sweat put very harmful effect on your gold plated jewellery. Your jewellery can get tarnished and it may not be wear any further. You should remove your jewellery before doing any physical work which helps your jewellery to work for long time. Avoid using it while going for swimming too. 

Wearing It At Last

You should wear your jewellery after finishing your makeup and perfume. But this you can save your jewellery for long time without any tarnish or color faded. It is because the perfumes and makeup are having chemicals which can put bad affect on your gold plated jewellery. 

Cleaning the Jewellery

You should always clean your gold plated jewellery when you removing after using. Use soft cotton cloth and clean your jewellery. Wipe it with soft hands to avoid scratches on it. Soap, detergents and jewellery cleaners should be avoid to clean your gold plated jewellery.

In case if your jewellery is too much dirty then you should use a damp cloth to clean it. After using damp cloth you should wipe your jewellery with soft dry cloth to remove the extra moisture from them. 

Storing the Jewellery

You should store your gold jewellery in air tight box, by doing this you can avoid the contact of moisture with the moisture. You need to wrap each piece of your jewellery individually to avoid scratch on them. 

Avoiding Contact with Harmful Chemicals

You need to make sure that your gold plated jewellery will not come in contact with the harsh chemicals because it can easily damage your gold plated jewellery. Try wear your jewellery after your body lotion getting dry, by this way you can use your jewellery for long time of period.

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